About Us

The University of Toronto Campus Conservatives (UTCC) is a diverse and energetic group of U of T from St. George Campus, with the exception of the Law Faculty.

As conservatives, we do not believe that youth should remain in a "sandbox". Instead, our goal is to get students involved with the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario and Conservative Party of Canada, allowing them to have a real impact in federal, provincial, and intra-party elections - making connections, gaining valuable skills, and meeting lifelong friends along the way. 

We host frequent events including pub nights, special guest visits, and general meetings. Some of the UTCC's annual traditions include our Christmas party, "Global Affairs and Religious Freedom" panel, wine and cheese fundraiser, Pope John Paul II Day, as well as our Career Networking Conference, where students are able to explore the wide range of job opportunities available after graduation. 

The UTCC also prides itself on having hosted many notable conservatives, including Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown, the Hon. Jason Kenney, the Hon. Tony Clement, Senator Con di Nino, and many present and former conservative MPs and MPPs. 

Please feel free to contact us at uoft.conservatives@gmail.com for more information.